The majestic Big 5

Go on safari to see the fastest animal in the world, a lion roaring, an elephant eating eucalyptus, a giraffe sleeping standing up and more. Africa is the heart of the world concerning wildlife. Additional to being a great site in which to view wildlife, the continent also has much cultural diversity.

The Big 5 is the gem of Africa. These five majestic animals are amazing and beautiful. A trip in Cape Town is the chance to see the spectacular elephant, the elegant leopard, the king of the jungle, the impressive rhino and the quiet buffalo.


Nature and diversity

Nevertheless, Cape Town offers more than merely the Big 5, there is a lot of additional species. Thus it is the way to see also zebras, springboks, cheetahs, giraffes and a lot of others. Go on a safari, and visit a game reserve is an unique life experience. Be close to nature and to wildlife is an amazing trip impossible to forget. In a buggy, far away from the city, discover the bush and the nature which is a  great breath of fresh nature.

Safari Guide

Each safari has their own unique animals. On one day, two days or more, in a luxury accommodation or in bivouac, one of the most beautiful city in the world offers this kind of activity at only 2h30 from it.

If you unsure of what to expect on this trip into African wilderness, seek advice on our site. We can answer any questions and advise you on what to bring.

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