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A Lodge is a type of accommodation, which could come in a form of an private house converted to welcome guest with rooms, units or simply the whole building. Different accommodation supplies guests with various facilitators and the comfort depends on the place you choose. But never doubt, City Lodge Cape Town, we only highlights the best Lodges in Town.

Lodges within Cape Town

Lodges within Cape Town

We will Highlight from the 5 star type of accommodation to cheap home affordable accommodation within the Cape. Remember that lodging is also perfect for any type of person whether you are looking for temporary accommodation, backpackers or are the adventurers’ type who seeks an type of safari accommodation.  When you do decide to visit Cape Town this city will be perfect if you are looking to learn a new language and learn about foreign cultures in Africa.

“Creativity happens on the boundaries, and a place like Cape Town is uniquely positioned. It’s a melting pot of cultures and people, with a rich history as well as a focus on modernity.”– South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth, on why Cape Town is an ideal World Design Capital

On this page, you find numerous accommodation in Cape Town and let us know what you think about them.

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